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I know you’re looking for new auto insurance, and you’re probably browsing the web looking for cheaper car insurance, right? Well hopefully this will be the last post that you read before you begin to actually compare a couple auto insurance quotes and companies. So let’s lay this out as simply as possible so you don’t cloud your brain any further.

Compare Multiple Auto Insurance Quotes

I know it will seem easy to just go with the first company that you see, but there is an art to comparing multiple auto insurance quotes to get the cheapest car insurance available. You want the companies to fight over your business and by doing so they will keep coming back at you with a better offer. Insurance companies all offer the same type of coverage and plans but their prices are drastically different for a few reasons which I’ll get into more below.

Comparing auto insurance quotes is easy, you just apply online to at least 3 to 4 different companies and let them duke it out. In a few moments you will have the best possible coverage available at the best price and with the best company.

The quote really depends on what type of coverage you need, whether it is just for you or for multiple drivers in your family or even your business. When dealing with car insurance for your business, you better believe that doing your own due diligence and getting the best quote well save you a lot of money with a cheaper car insurance policy in the long run. As well as if you have a teenager at home that just started driving their insurance premiums are going to likely be high just because of their age.

An older more experienced driver with no accidents will have cheaper car insurance than a person who just got their drivers license at 16 years old.

Another thing you should look out for is how easily available in agent is to you. Meaning are they available 24 hours a day seven days a week? Or are they a local agent who works the standard 9-to-5 with weekends off? If that is the case, prepare to pay an extra broker’s fee on top of your insurance premium. That’s why browsing auto insurance quotes online is so much easier, it cuts out the middleman and you deal direct with the main company.


cheaper car insuranceAs mentioned in the paragraph above, reliability is extremely important if something happens and you get into a mishap which are vehicle. No matter if it’s your fault or the other drivers fault, you need your insurance company to have your back either way. Just because you can get a cheaper car insurance rate does not mean they skimp on service.

How reliable is the company itself? It’s easy to do a search on any of the top insurance companies that you’ll be getting a quote for and see if they have any reliability issues from current or past members and policyholders. Those little red flags seem to pop up on the first page, but look at them objectively as a negative review is not always right because quite frankly people can be weird and erotic.

It goes without saying that any type of insurance company whether it be auto, life, health, etc. are always looking for a way to get out of paying you money instead of you paying them money, but of course you already know that as that is the way it is. But if you drive a car, you need insurance, because it’s the law, so I just got a deal with it – but that can’t stop you from finding a cheaper car insurance policy than you may already have.

Fast Action in Case of an Accident

Having an insurance company come to your aid right away is another important factor you need to look out for. If you have an accident, you want to make sure everything is taken care of in the now and not waiting weeks for an insurance adjuster to mingle around and blow your case.

Even with the cheaper car insurance companies, they will send out someone right away to assess the damage of your vehicle and the other drivers vehicle as well as dealing with any police reports if there should be any. Because if the case goes to court and the other drivers insurance company is fighting you, and you want to make sure you have all the credentials in place and on your side.

One of the first things you should do if you should have an accident is call your insurance company right away given that there is no a medical emergency needed. If that’s the case, call 911 as that is just common sense. But if it’s just a fender bender or you got your wits about you make sure you call your insurance company and you call the police department.

Because if your car needs to be towed and the police department takes care of that, guess who they bill? You. And believe me, getting a tow by the lease is three times as expensive as if you were to call a tow truck yourself.

Here are the best tips for cheaper car insurance for your car or truck, even your motorcycle as they work in the same manner. Even if you just looking for the minimum requirement by law or if you want full coverage including collision.

Factors for the Cheapest Car Insurance

  • Age: if you are under the age of 25, expect to pay more just because that age bracket is at a higher risk due to lack of experience. Same goes for if year pushing towards the elderly years as the risk for an accident increases as well due to slower reflexes, etc.
  • Gender: gender does play a role, don’t let that fool you. Depending on your location either a man or a woman could end up paying more just by the local statistics of accidents. If men in your area are more likely to get into an accident, a man is going to pay more for insurance premium in that area. Not always the case, but just keep that in your thoughts.
  • Location: this is very important to pay attention to, because if you live in a area where there’s a lot of traffic and a lot of accidents on a daily basis and that right there is a indicator of a higher insurance premium. Especially if you use your vehicle for business, they’re going to take all the locations that you visit on your route into consideration. Theft is also location-based, if there’s a lot of vehicles being stolen or broken into in your area then you better believe you’re gonna be paying higher rate of insurance especially if you have full coverage and collision.
  • History of Accidents: if your driver’s license says “safe driver”then you can use that to your advantage in getting an additional discount on your policy. If a person has had a lot of mishaps and accidents over their years of driving, and of course you’re gonna pay a higher rate because that person is at higher risk – but still find a cheaper car insurance rate here.
  • Automobile Type: there are all types of vehicles to consider when getting insurance. The standard four-door family car is probably the cheapest and the two door sports car or SUV is probably the most expensive. However there are other considerations that can get you a lower deductible like if your car has ABS brakes, and alarm system, etc. sports cars and four-wheel-drive vehicles are more expensive to insure because they have the ability to perform on a higher level. Another thing to consider is if your model of vehicle has a high theft rate. This also goes by geolocation. So make sure you check to see if the model of the vehicle you will be ensuring is considered a high theft in your area, you can do that by just doing a quick search on Google.
  • Work or Leisure: whether you use your car for work or just for leisure also makes a difference. The reason for this is coming miles you actually drive the car on a daily basis. The cheapest is under 5 miles per day and it goes up from there. The point here is that the more your car is on the road the more risk there is for an accident by either you or someone else.
  • Credit Rating: (banned in the states of CA, HI, and MA) this is something new, a lot of insurance companies now are checking your credit rating which in my opinion does not seem fair. Your credit has nothing to do with the way you drive or what you drive. But, some companies do check your credit rating even though they are not required to as they can have one more tick to use against you. So put up a fight if they grumble about your poor credit score.
  • Military: if a person is active military they can expect to see at least a 10% discount on their overall policy. Some companies even give a discount if you are former military so make sure you mention that if this is the case. Even if someone in your household is currently in the military a company may still provide a discount.
  • Safe Driver: if you are a safe driver, meaning it says so on your drivers license, you can expect another 10% or so discount on your overall car insurance policy (cheaper car insurance!). The safe tribe or credential usually, is once you go to renew your driver’s license and they have found that you have been in no accidents or had any tickets to speak of. Each state is different on how they judge that, but make sure you mention you have safe driver on your drivers license as that will get you additional discounts.

For federal laws in the USA regarding auto insurance please refer to each “state” in the sidebar or visit this link.

You should now have all the information you need to go ahead and get a couple auto insurance quotes and determine which company has the best plan that work for you and possibly be the cheapest as well. Put aside a few minutes and go about this with a positive and patient mindset. At the end of the day will be thankful that you got that cheaper car insurance policy.

Is there any benefit of investing money in cheaper car insurance and what should I check before purchasing an insurance policy?

Car insurance comes with many benefits. It provides you full liberty for driving your car safely. There are many people, who pay no attention to this important demand of the car. They think it is a waste of money, but in reality it is necessary. Nowadays, car insurance has become legally imperative. If you have no car insurance, then police or other authorities can charge a criminal case against you. There is no need to take risks because you can take cheaper car insurance that won’t cost too expensive amount and protect your car against many threats.

Usually, people don’t take any chance with their vehicles. They always spend money over the service on their car and also on car’s decoration. Insurance is also equally important, but it seems little frustrating to spend a large amount over car insurance. The leading insurance institutions understand that and that’s why now they offer some of the cheapest auto insurance plans. We are listing some great benefits of these plans. You can check the advantages and then decide to buy or not to buy the auto insurance.

1-   Car damage recovers guarantee:

The accident may occur anytime in our life. Whether you are a good driver or bad, this incident can happen to anyone and in such conditions you can face a big financial loss. If you have the car insurance, then you can save lots of money on car repairing. If the car goes through some serious damages during the accident, the insurance company will pay the full amount for your car’s damage. It will be a great aid to make car good-looking and perfect, like it was before the accident.

Yes, you can have this facility with cheaper car insurance also. Hence the car insurance cost a cheaper amount, it doesn’t mean that it won’t provide good cover. You can go online check the insurance plans available. The cheapest plans would also offer good cover and damage repair guarantee. That’s what people want nowadays because they have many other things to spend their money. They want a cost-effective solution and that solution is available now.

2-   Perfect relief on the way;

Of course, if you are not worried about the expenditure of accident, then you can drive your car freely on the way. When a person drives his car on the highway without having car insurance, he drives with a lot of risk and stress. Stress occurs mainly due to car’s safety. Sometimes this pressure also becomes the reason of the accident. People take too much care and in desperation they commit mistakes. The car owner should not take such chances with their car and their own life. Have the car insurance and all your tensions will go out, when you drive your beautiful car.

You will not get trapped in any kind of legal issue. Your car insurance will become your best partner on the highway. It will work not only for you, but also for others to whom you cause damage in case of the accident.

3-   Third party death and injury claims:

It is another benefit of having car insurance. Suppose, you are driving a car on the way and unfortunately you cause an accident. In such situations you can claim for compensation because the cheapest auto insurance service providers also provide third party death or injury cover. The insurance plans are built especially to provide you the cover against any unfortunate event in the car. The insurance company provides recompense to the injured people and also for damage recovery of your car. You pay a very reasonable amount and get much better facilities in the insurance plans. That’s why you should never consider the auto insurance an unimportant thing.

4-   Personal accident cover:

Car insurance policies come with different features. If you have also paid for the personal injury claim in your car insurance, you will get the cover for the whole treatment after the accident. A car insurance policy includes many things in it and personal accident cover comes with almost cheap and expensive car insurance policies. The circumstances of providing the cover may change according to the policy. So, always read the policy details before you purchase the auto insurance.

5-   Safety of car and driver:

Suppose, you own a travel agency and hired several drivers for your vehicles, the car insurance will offer protection to the car and the driver. Whether the car is standing or running, it will have protection and the driver will not get worried.

The way of recognizing the best insurance policy for your car:

Different insurance policies provide different benefits and you must choose an auto insurance that fits the best for your needs. Meeting the agents of insurance companies has become an old way of buying insurance plans. Today, you don’t need to meet the insurance agents because you can check all the policy details online and choose the best policy under your budget. We are listing a few important points, which you must check before investing money in an auto insurance.

  • What are the terms and conditions?

The maximum people never check the terms and condition section part before purchasing an insurance policy. It is damn important because you should have complete knowledge of how your insurance will offer the coverage. The insurance companies mention everything in Terms & Condition section, so read those details wisely before you buy a policy.

  • Check all the policies and then make a decision:

Price doesn’t define what features you can get through a policy. You should check all the expensive and cheap policies. Even the cheapest auto insurance plan can provide the maximum benefits. Usually, people go with the recommendations, but here we suggest to check everything before purchasing a policy.

  • Is there any discount?

Yes, the discount can be available with certain insurance plans. Details on all the discount offers can be available online. Get these details and then choose a suitable policy for your car.  

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